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Anna Green - CMO
Dr. Andrew Smith — Founder & CEO.

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Lifestyle has changed and so should education. In a time of movement, flexibility, and information overflow, we are determined to create a new learning experience that meets both your needs and today’s business standards.

Our vision is a world where anyone, anywhere can learn new management skills faster than ever. With our expertise in online and continuing education, we seek to advance your career and offer you a high-quality learning experience.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

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Jack Lee

Zoya Hank

Alex Jones

Chris Parker

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What Our Students Have to Say

I studied Ordinary Seaman and now i am taking my OJT. The online learning is best in class and the On job Training is a bit difficult but overall my future is secured.
Gift Ugwechi Worgu
From Kaduna, Nigeria
"The learning plan was very helpful and could easily be implemented. It could also be used as a CTSO project (Career and Technical Student Organization) as a division-wide project.
Zasha Swan
From Norway
"I would agree that this course was a model for online courses. I really liked the embedded videos and responses to what we viewed and read. It's a good example of how we can, and should, engage our students."
Frank Jones
From Japan
"The online courses in Shipping really helped me lot during my first 3 months on the merchant ship. Safety courses teaches you lots of life saving techniques which you practice later on Ship."
Subhash Kambale
From Mumbai, India